Memory Implant

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And so the dawn of brain implants, or smart augmentations has arrived. As scientists begin their testing – in a field of exponential returns – there are individuals out there who will never forget this day (and neither will the rats) The scope and implications of this device are nothing but extraordinary; no mere memory “booster” the implant both intercepted and in-turn replicated the receptor signalers responsible for a specific previously learnt function.

It is not a difficult leap of abstraction to then envisage the future of this device: a compendium of electronically stored memory signalers – we all remember Neo in the matrix, maybe in time we will all know kung-fu. Joking aside – the scope of potential applications for such devices are breath-taking. Long gone will be the days of neurological disorders, of old age and senility and with it the pay cheques of those avaricious care home owners.

And forget a photographic memory, how about the crystal mechanical recall of skills and places you’d never experienced, or might even be incapable of imagining. How about an implanted trip to Mars, only to finally realise that the fantasy you had paid for was your real life… Ahem..