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Pramiracetam is part of the piracetam family of nootropic chemicals and is purported to be between 8-30x stronger than its now out-dated cousin piracetam; unlike piracetam, pramiracetam is lipid soluble and co-administration with a fat source is crucial in maximising the bioavailability.of this nootropic

Mechanism of action

Part of the Ampakine sub-class, the Racetam type of nootropics work in by binding to glutamate receptors. This bolsters the neurotransmitter glutamate and promotes the more fluent encoding of memory and hence significantly boosts learning capacity. However the Racetam family have only weak to moderate AMPA modulation, and possess a variety of mechanisms. Note… different racetam analogues do demonstrate subtly different effects in-vivo.


• Boosts memory and learning
•Can heal both memory and cognitive deficits in patients with brain injuries
•May act a stimulant
•Has been demonstrated to possess antidepressant like qualities

Pramiracetam is significantly stronger than piracetam and I personally find a dosage of 150mg 3x a day to be sufficient to obtain optimal results. Dosing beyond this measure can produce undesirable results such as fatigue, confusion and blurred vision. There is no guessing at placebo – this chemical works and its effects are VERY noticeable.