Bacopa Monnieri

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Bacopa monnieri is a creeping plant which grows in wetlands and muddy shores (incase you wanted to pay it a visit) and is in my opinion, one of the most potent and least covered nootropics on the market today; in Asia it is used to consecrate babies in the belief that it will “open the gateway of intelligence” Sounds good right?

Down to the science:

In Ayurveda it is a time-honoured treatment for epilepsy and asthma. It has antioxidant properties, reducing oxidation of fats in the bloodstream. However, anti-epilepsy properties seem to be in very high toxic and near lethal doses, so it’s only used—at much lower non-toxic dosage—as an additive to regular epilepsy medication. Studies in humans show that an extract of the plant has anxiolytic effects

Laboratory studies on rodents indicate that extracts of the plant improve memory and motor learning ability. Studies also suggest that bacopa may improve intellectual activity and a randomized clinical trial of 98 healthy older people (over 55 years) showed that Bacopa significantly improves memory acquisition and retention.


•One of the few nootropics which may actually boost basal intellectualism
• Improved memory acquisition and retention
•Powerful anti-oxidant properties
•Initial stimulant effect
•Increased superoxide dismutase release.
•Can reduce anxiety


This nootropic is not one to be trifled with lightly. Fourty minutes after ingestion I experienced extreme pupil dilation, tachycardia, and significant CNS stimulation; this experience was mirrored for several subsequent dosings and then gradually settled out as a tolerance developed. Be careful with this one!

Doses of 250mg twice daily are recommended – from this dose I experienced — although not with such definitive effects as other nootropics — increased creativity, increased memory capacity, reduced anxiety and a general greater disposition to engaging in social activities such as hanging out with friends and speaking to new people.

Is this nootropic for everyone? I wouldn’t recommend it for the faint of heart, or more seriously anyone with heart problems. Take this herb at your own peril and expect potent preliminary effects which slowly taper down to a more tolerable level. To further my experience of this nootropic – long time use yields a very noticeable anxiolytic effect.

Again, this herb is available at a number of vitamin stores and online retailers, look for a reputable seller, and one with a standardized level of the active alkaloids.