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Adrafinil Overview

Adrafinil can be described as a supplement that can be used to improve alertness and concentration in an individual. It is placed in a category of Eugeroic, which is commonly known in the industry as a type of Nootropic agent.

Sometimes people may want to take this smart drug for a wide diversity of purposes including as a stimulant that will help them to fight off tiredness and exhaustion that they have felt for long periods of time.

Therefore, people may discover that this is a smart drug that can be recommended for people who work odd hours for long stretches. In specific, those who work the night shift jobs and they are trying to stay up to go to school in the morning as well.

What is Adrafinil?

Regardless to the purpose or the rationale for taking Adrafinil, this smart drugs is receiving quite a bit of attention in recent times. So, it is also important to note how this smart drug actually works, especially since it has primarily 2 ways that it reacts when it is taken orally.

First, it is designed to help with boosting an individual’s level of neurotransmitter hypocretin. Thereby, causing the individual’s body to become more alert, while also increasing their ability to concentrate on the things that they are trying to perform.

In addition to increasing an individual’s ability to concentrate better, it is also designed to assist with the memory process. Which means, people will not only understand what they read, but will also have the ability to memorize what they have read very quickly.

Side Effects

With any drug or natural supplement, people can expect to experience some potential side effects. In this case, there are some common symptoms that’s related to taking this smart drug, and they include an increase in headaches, stomach problems. In some situations, some people may complain about experiencing high blood pressure problems.

Further, based on the dosage that the person takes, they may also experience a decrease in the frequency of their urine so these are issues that need to be addressed as early as possible. In some cases, people have also reported hallucinations and day dreaming as side effects of taking this smart drug.


Though there are numerous different side effects attached to taking Adrafinil, there are also a great number of benefits to taking this smart drug as well. Since this drug has been designed to help with enhancing the brain’s functionality, people can also expect to have an increase in higher mental focus and alertness.

Additionally, because Adrafinil is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system, people can expect an increase in their overall energy levels, their attention span and the amount of stamina that they possess on a daily basis. This is also one of the primary reasons for its popularity increasing substantially. In specifics, it is increasing amongst college students, truck drivers, employees who are assigned to shift work and people in other sectors of society and the business world. With this said, people are using this smart drug to increase their ability to learn more information and to memorize more data.

Long-Term Effects And Short-Term Effects?

Based on numerous related studies, short term usage is considered to be relatively safe. Because it’s not a smart drug that’s recommended for long term use, it is known to be also a low risk for long term problems. However, when people do not follow the recommendations and instructions as they should, they may find that their body will develop a tolerance for the drug that will render it non-effective after a period of time.

Brief History of Adrafinil?

The history of this smart drug dates back to the late 1970s, since a company with the name of Group Lafon developed the drug as a French pharmaceutical company. After a period of time, in 1986, Adrafinil was offered to patients in France as treatment to those who were diagnosed with narcolepsy. The drug has also been marketed under a different name, which was Olmifon until the drug was discontinued.

Today, the same drug is now being offered under the generic name of Adrafinil. It can also be purchased in the U.S. and Canada because it is presently unregulated. Because it can be purchased without a prescription, private citizens can import it from other places in the country and abroad.

Research Studies Have Shown

It is also important to note that there have been a vast number of research studies that have been conducted on the smart drug Adrafinil. Each of which are designed to disclose information and evidence that they have found on its overall effectiveness as its cognitive enhancements and other attractive benefits.

Though the research that many of these researchers have done relates directly to Modafinil, they can also be applied to Adrafinil because they are both considered to be a Novel Vigilance Promoting Agent for enhancing concentration, memory and the like.

Taking the Proper Dosages

Before an individual takes Adrafinil, it is important that they know what the proper dosage amounts are based in the instructions provided. Typically, the proper dosage of Adrafinil ranges between 600-1200mg. Because this smart drug is considered to be in the group that is water soluble, the person’s dosage can be taken with either water or with some kind of juice. However, it must be taken without having any food in their stomach. Users are also instructed to take their dosage in the morning hours versus late at night. Morning hours are required because late afternoon or evening hours can result in causing the person to have major problems with insomnia.

In order for patients to get used to taking Adrafinil, it should be taken in lower quantities early on, and then gradually increase the dosages to higher quantities over time. It is also important to remember that Adrafinil should only be taken occasionally instead on a daily basis schedule. By following an occasional schedule, people can avoid different kinds of unnecessary problems. For example, some people may only take their dosage on the days that they have very tight deadlines that must be met in a short time frame. Or, they may choose to take a dosage when their jobs begin to demand that they work extra working hours for extended periods. Further, the individual may also elect to take this smart drug in specific cycles. For instance, an individual may want to take this smart drug for 2 weeks and then they may want to wait and take a break for 1 week before taking more. By using this dosage schedule, they can reduce the potential adverse effects that the drug may have on their liver.

What are the Users Reviews Saying?

What are the users review saying? Before taking any kind of supplement or drug, people should always know what the reviews are saying. By looking at the reviews from real people, it allows everyone to make better and more informed decisions. Especially, because the reviews that people provide of their experiences will help to flush out the pros and cons of introducing a new drug into an individual’s life. Thereby, allowing them to prepare themselves for side effects that may or may not occur. In specific, the information can be very useful when the reviews are related to existing conditions that the drug will affect. With this information in mind, it is important for potential users to know that the reviews for Adrafinil does list the benefits as well as the disadvantages to taking this smart drug.

Some of the most notable is involves not be able to take the drug on a regular basis, but only in certain situations. Which means, it cannot be taken too much or it will be not be effective. A benefit to taking this smart drug, however, is being able to stay alert in difficult times. Especially, during the times when the person cannot afford to fall asleep on their jobs or they may be fired as a result. Because this drug helps people to stay alert, they can be very beneficial when an individual changes their schedule from day to night, and they need the assistance until their body can adjust.

My Personal Review

For users who are considering taking Adrafinil, there some inherent benefits that involve people who may need the added assistance to remain alert during critical times. When the drugs are taken as recommend and not abused, they may be a quick fix in very tight situations.

However, as with any drug, the benefits cannot outweigh the potential side effect that may occur. So, it is essential for any prospective user to do their research far in advance. For instance, if an individual has a pre-existing kidney or high blood pressure, they will need to make sure that they are consulting with their physician prior to taking any drug that will compromise their health.

What are some Good nootropics to stack with this?

Another area of concern that people should make sure that they are familiar with is nootropics and stacking. In fact, in some cases, people may be familiar with this concept and the advantages that it offers. Some of these advantages can be very beneficial if the person is looking to get the maximum results from Andrafinil. Therefore, they should know what the results will be if they combine Modafinil or Adrafinil with other nootropics.

In this case, combining Modafinil or Adrafinil with other nootropics has the potential for creating a very powerful effect. Which means, the individual that stacks these drugs will find that they can really increase their focus quite substantially. So, it is highly recommended to people who are looking to boost their productivity levels, while they are also enhancing their overall cognitive capabilities.

Final Thoughts

Smart drugs like Adrafinil are currently being used for many different reasons. Some of the more common involve taking it as a stimulant to remain alert on the job, while driving a truck and to accommodate night shift work hour alert issues. Regardless to the reason for taking this kind of smart drug, people should always research smart drugs and consult with their physicians for the best results.