Cogniflex Nootropic Smart Drug

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Cogniflex Review

Cogniflex is a brain enhancement pill that contains six different proven ingredients to boost cognitive function.

Considered a nootropic, it combines a blend of ingredients that boost memory and learning ability without caffeine or toxicity…virtually the definition of a nootropic drug. There are no stimulants or sedatives in Cogniflex and its makers point out verifiable scientific evidence for each and every active ingredient.

Why Nootropics Like Cogniflex?

People use nootropics to get through school, work longer hours or improve focus and attention. Nootropics are preferred by many because they aren’t addictive like caffeine and don’t produce the energy peaks and valleys that coffee does. Remember: Cogniflex is not a stimulant…coffee is.

Energy drinks or caffeine may deliver a jolt of energy, but that’s short-lived. Caffeine jolts also deliver lots of misdirected energy…energy lacking focus.

The key to productivity is not just energy but also focus (think about that time you drank an entire pot of coffee to get something done but ended up frittering around, a jittery mess, getting very little accomplished). In addition, coffee and energy drinks don’t do anything for your memory recall.

So if you’d like to cut down on coffee, or if you’d simply like to boost concentration and enjoy other healthy cognitive benefits, read on. You’ll find everything you need to know about Cogniflex.

The Company

Cogniflex is made by Sure Science, LLC, a Wyoming company first registered in August of 2015. The company was registered through a registering agent, which is sort of like Domain by Proxy: anonymous. Therefore, we have no other company information.

The Product: What Cogniflex Does

Cogniflex was developed to produce the following benefits:

— Boost Concentration
— Improve Creativity
— Boost Energy
Enhance Memory Recall
Boost Productivity

For students and people with high-impact careers, a product like Cogniflex offers a leg up on mental alertness and overall energy.

How Nootropics like Cogniflex Work (Why They’re Better Than Coffee)

Coffee is a stimulant, so it acts on your central nervous system to temporarily speed up certain responses in your body.

Nootropics actually improve the function of the neurotransmitters and receptors in your brain, which means they’re tapping into your own, natural source of energy.

Think of nootropics as flipping on a switch in your brain…a switch that ramps up neurotransmitter activity and increases blood flow to the brain, thereby making you “smarter”.

The Ingredients

They key to Cogniflex’s ability to deliver energy that you can focus lies in the proven ingredients.

Bacopa Monnieri for Memory

Bacopa monnieri, also called Brahmi, is a creeping herb that’s grown in wetlands around the world including Florida and Hawaii. Used in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) to treat epilepsy and asthma, it contains antioxidants and other substances known to protect the cells. Clinical trials are being done to find evidence of its supposed protection against degeneration of the neurons.

The most promising research supports evidence of a positive effect on the brain’s free memory recall.

Rhodiola rosea for stress reduction

This perennial flowering plant from cold regions of the world (the Artic) has been shown in studies to reduce fatigue due to stress. In one study, students taking a stressful series of exams lasting 20 days were given Rhodiola rosea during the exam period. Those who took the Rhodiola rosea exhibited improved physical fitness and reduced mental fatigue.


It may not sound like it, but huperzine-A is a naturally-occurring substance. Extracted from a type of moss, it’s believed to impart benefits to people with neurological conditions. In one study, adolescent students with memory problems were given huperzine-A. It was observed that the drug enhanced memory and learning performance.


An derivative of the periwinkle plant, vinpocetine is said to produce increased blood flow in the brain and to deliver neuroprotective effects. In one study, it was given to 12 healthy females who exhibited improved memory function after taking vinpocetine.


L-theanine is perhaps the most studied ingredient in Cogniflex: it’s an amino acid found in green tea. Said to lower blood pressure, increase relaxation, and improve memory, it’s the all-star ingredient in this brain enhancement product. In one study, evidence was produced that L-theanine promoted the release of alpha waves. Alpha waves are associated with mental relaxation and concentration.

If you would like to try Cogniflex, simply click the link below. You will head to their official website to learn more.