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Generalised anxiety disorders are on the increase, do you suffer from this debilitating disease or have a friend or relative who suffers from anxiety? We hare at smartnootropics have decided to produce an in-depth article covering vitamins, medications and nootropics we may help you or your loved ones reduce their anxiety disorder to a manageable levels.

It is important to initially realise that not all anxiety disorders are born equal, some can originate from traumatic experience, others can be due to genetics and others due to self-imposed, or enviromentally imposed neurochemical imbalances.

Generally combination therapy is recommended; normally patients are advised to undergo CBT, whilst beginning a course of medications designed to address underlying neurochemical disharmony.

Benzodiazepines are GABA receptor agonists and are perhaps the most widely prescribed/abused pharmaceuticals for the treatment of anxiety disorders. I would advise that patients suffering from anxiety avoid all gaba receptor agonists which inexorably induce down-regulation of the GABA receptors – producing tolerance, and rebound anxiety/withdrawls.

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