Intellux Pill Review

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If you’re a futurist, you might use the symbol H+ a lot.  It stands for “Humanity Plus”, or people who are enhanced in some way.  Intellux is a pill that lends H+ qualities to anyone who takes it, or so it would seem.  It’s an all-natural brain enhancing product which promises a range of beneficial effects, from mental clarity to increased energy.

Here are the quick facts about Intellux, as well as a quick nod to the science behind the product.  If you’ve never experienced an all-natural brain-enhancing pill, there’s a short summary of nootropics as well, which is what this class of pills is called.

The Pill

Intellux is a nootropic.  That is, a natural brain-enhancing substance (usually taken in pill form) that’s made from food substances and medicinal plants.  The beauty of  nootropics is that they’re natural, so they are considered supplements.  That also means they’re unregulated by the FDA, as that agency only messes with substances which are considered to be drugs.

The downside of nootropics is that since they’re unregulated, it’s up to the public to figure out which products are authentic.  Of course that’s hard to do when so many companies don’t list their ingredients anywhere.

That brings us to Intellux.  They’re different. Maybe not quite the limitless pill Addium is, but they do claim some amazing cognitive enhancing properties and qualities.

Unlike many other “smart pills” out there, Intellux actually lists the main active ingredient in their product.  It’s Phosphatidylserine.  According to WebMD, this is a chemical that’s produced by the body but which most people get from food.  You get Phosphatidylserine from cabbage and soy, for example.

Intellux was created by scientists under the guise of developing a smart pill that offered the following benefits:

  • mental clarity
  • improved focus
  • enhanced learning ability

Since we’re now being told that we start losing ground in brain function as early as 30 years of age, Intellux is highly marketable to people starting in their 20s and on up till the ripe old years of old age…and we all know that’s when we really start to need smart pills like this!

Improving those brain functions can also lead to increased energy, better memory, and higher motivation.  But does the active ingredient in Intellux really work?  What does the science say?

The Science

Phosphatidylserine, as was mentioned above, is found naturally in the body.  It’s actually an amino acid and its functions are widespread but include:

  • cellular functioning
  • cellular structure of the brain, liver, heart, and skeletal muscle

It’s the cellular structure of the brain that gains a positive boost from Phosphatidylserine  supplementation.  Scientists now know that anything which improves cellular structure aids in forming strong pathways for neurons in the brain to move from one place to another.  In short, when neurons are blocked by damaged cells, brain function starts to degrade.

It’s for this reason that doctors use the key ingredient in Intellux to treat patients who have Alzheimer’s Disease.  According to RXList, it’s also possibly effective for senile dementia, commonly known as “confusion” in older people.  RXList also cites several other conditions for which Phosphatidylserine may be effective:

  • depression
  • stress due to elevated levels of exercise
  • ADHD

In fact, Phosphatidylserine has been shown in a study published by the National Institutes of Health to be an effective reactor response to mental stress.  In this study, soy lecithin phosphatidic acid and phosphatidylserine complex (PAS) were given to four groups of 20 subjects each for three weeks.  Three groups got varying dosages of PAS while the fourth got a placebo.

After three weeks the group who had received the lowest dose of PAS (400 mg) experienced a blunting of adverse physical reactions to a stress test but with no effect on the heart rate.  As for mental reactions to the stress test, the 400 mg  of PAS exerted a positive effect on the emotional responses to stress.  In fact, the 400 mg group showed decreased distress!

The placebo group showed increased emotional distress of course, as well as heightened physical reactions to the stress test.

The Verdict

You simply can’t argue with science, and the science is there for Intellux.  You also can’t argue with attractiveness of a product that’s manufactured in a FDA GMP facility on certified laboratory equipment and a guarantee of the highest quality ingredients backed by a hassle-free money back guarantee (you get a whole 60 days after purchase not 30 days, like many companies, to get a refund for the price of the product).  Intellux is a thumbs up.